1. Each admission is only eligible for one entry of the specific event period.

  2. Sold Admission tickets are non-refundable nor exchangeable.

  3. Admission is required for child with height of 90cm or above.

  4. Please note that part of the passageways are unable to accommodate the use of wheelchairs. Weapologize for any inconvenience caused.

  5. Admission is allowed up to 30minutes before closing time.

  6. Ticket holders shall comply with any other regulations or house rules applicable to the Broadway Macau and event area.

  7. Event conterts and facilities are subject to change without prior notice.

  8. Organizer reserves the rights to make all final decisions.For other terms and conditions,please refer to the official website:www.hellokittyhelloagainmacau.com


  1. Please secure cell phones, wallets and any other loose belongings. Organizer is not responsible for any lost or damaged items.

  2. No Smoking.

  3. No dangerous objects or sharp objects.

  4. No bare feet.